Mrs. Maureen Betts - Teacher of the Month


Our newest teacher of the month is Mrs. Maureen Betts. Here is what some of the other teachers who nominated her had to say:

When I think of a teacher who is dedicated and truly cares for students, the first name that comes to mind is Maureen.  She is always looking for better ways to help students. Her moral ethics do not allow her to let a student slip between the cracks. She constantly works to seal up those "cracks." When students are in her study hall, she works with them daily to get organized, complete and turn in their assignments.  She puts forth the same amount of effort for all of her students from study hall to Honors English. 

 Maureen does not only help students succeed, but she also helps me, and others, become better teachers. Besides mentoring new teachers, Maureen is willing to share her expertise with anyone! I know that I can go to her for anything I need help with, any time I need the help, whether it is help with a behavior problem or help coming up with a different way to teach a concept to a student who didn't get it the first, or second, or third, etc. time I taught the concept.  She also lets me vent my frustrations to her and helps deal with the frustrations of our profession. 

 I think Maureen's work goes quietly unnoticed most of the time, which, I'm sure is fine with her.  Even though she doesn’t need praise or accolades to keep her going, she certainly deserves them!!

Kaye Brockbank

 Maureen is one of the unsung heroes at our school.  The work she does with the Essentials English students is truly amazing.  She helps each one to not only pass with credit but to help them gain confidence in their abilities.  Her regular and honors students also benefit greatly also from her dedication as a teacher.  

Sandy Coxson

 Congratulations Mrs. Betts!