In My Opinion: Watch Out! You May Be in a Sticky Situation

By Tristan Anderson—Assistant Editor-in-Chief

Do you ever find yourself sticking your hand under your desk and finding one heck of a sticky surprise, or randomly sitting down in the gym and cant get up? I have! It's disgusting! I believe that many students and teachers would say the same thing. Do we want to keep chewing gym “legal” in our school? If so, lets do something about it. I don't want gum on my butt any longer! Do you?

I read this quote off of, I believe most of what this says.“Like so many of life’s little pleasures, gum is also a bone of contention between students and school administrators. Chewing gum represents one of the fastest growing segments of the food industry, and there is little debate about its popularity or its appeal to students. However, the presence of gum poses broader questions for school districts-- such as whether to ban it, along with soda pop, and how to deal with the ongoing clean up costs.” I also think students (I am including myself) need to be a lot more careful with where their gum ends up.

If you stick your gum on the bottom of a desk, you may get caught. Even if you don't it is still someone’s property and it is not there for a place to stick your saliva filled mouth entertainment (aka gum). Keep your gum to yourselves, and lets enjoy our gum in our mouths not on each other.