Native American History Topic of Cross Grade Assembly

by Rillene Nielsen with Shae Harmer, pictures by Shae Harmer and Lois Terry

Mrs. Shea Harmer and Ms. Lois Terry’s 7th and 8th grade Social Studies students recently had the opportunity to learn about the contributions made by Native Americans to the United States and our lifestyle.

During a presentation by Eileen Quintana and Brenda Beyal of the Nebo School District Indian Education program, students learned about the history of Native Americans and their impact on history.  They were also able to examine artifacts Quintana and Beyal brought with them.

This was a joint assembly between the 7th grade Utah Studies classes and the 8th graders U.S. History classes.   It ties into the 8th grade social studies core because it focused on how the first white settlers came in contact and interacted with the Native Americans as well as how the government works with American Indians today.  Seventh-graders learn that the early history of Utah is the history of the Native American.

At Spanish Fork Junior High, teacher not only collaborate within grade levels and content areas, the also work in cross grade partnerships.  Ms. Terry and Ms. Johnson are prime examples of this.  It’s all part of SFJH’s focus on getting students engaged in learning.