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New Counselor Spotlight - Mrs. Sharman Brown

Submitted by alesha.lemmon on Fri, 07/05/2019 - 14:57

My name is Mrs. Brown and I am the new school counselor.  Before coming here to Spanish Fork Junior High (go Lobos!), I worked at Maple Mountain High School, and before that, I did almost 20 years at the Court.  There, I was the victim coordinator for the juvenile court.  This is where I gained my passion for working with youth and their parents.  I love talking to kids about what their passions are, talking through problems, and working as a team, with parents, to solve problems.  I hope you will find that I will do whatever I can to help you.

Outside of that, I live in Spanish Fork with my husband and three kids.  I love to drag the family on bike rides (some love it, some need some powerful persuading to go), relaxing, and reading. My husband is super adventurous, so he always tries to have something planned for us, plus there is always a movie or two he wants to take us to.  Whenever I get asked about my favorite book or movie, I can never come up with one.  I keep telling myself I should pick one so I can have an answer to this question, but I still haven't done that.  But, my favorite types of books are non-fiction psychology/sociology/self-help type of books and my favorite shows are documentaries.  As you could guess, I stink at pop culture.  My favorite foods are sushi and Italian.   I look forward to getting to know everyone and being a Lobo!!