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New Teacher Spotlight: Mr. Eddy Rawlings

Submitted by david.thacker on Wed, 08/05/2020 - 10:57

Hello and Good Day, I knew I wanted to be a teacher at a young age; I was out for a ride on my horse, when we rode passed my old elementary school. A teacher came out and asked if some special students could interact with the horse, I thought, “interact?” I responded “sure thing.”

I soon found out that the students were deaf or blind. I had the best time explaining the saddle and bridle, including her hooves, mane and tail. Each student got a short ride and to literally interact with the horse. After I thought, “What a great learning environment, a hands-on experience, with stories, questions and answers.” The horse was the better teacher; it seemed to sense that this was an educational opportunity. I visited them for the rest of the summer and found my career pathway.

I hope I can give each student a similar learning experience in the following CTE programs, (College Career Awareness) (Digital Business) (Exploring Technology) and (Manufacturing Technology) Hope to see you!