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New Teacher Spotlight - Mrs. Camilee Belloli

Submitted by alesha.lemmon on Mon, 07/01/2019 - 14:13


Hello, I am Mrs. Belloli and I will be teaching Spanish. I graduated from BYU in Spanish Teaching and am thrilled to be a part of Spanish Fork Junior High! I was born in the exotic place of Provo, Utah, but have spent a considerable amount of time in Costa Rica and Mexico.  I have been married for two years.  During that time my husband has converted me into an NBA fanatic (go Jazz)! 
Some of my other interests are World of Dance, Settlers of Catan, anything outdoors, badminton, reading, and reading.  When I was young my mom actually grounded my from books...they were a bit of an addiction.  My favorite book is The Thief  by Megan Whalen Turner, but The Goose Girl or Cinder come in as close seconds.  I love being sucked into other worlds, but am determined to have my own adventures as well, which is why I love the excitement of  repelling, surfing, ziplining, snorkeling, and - dare I say it - teaching!