New Teacher Spotlight - Ms. Katie Romrell

Hi! I'm Ms. Romrell and I will be teaching 8th grade English. I am an animal-lover who is allergic to anything with fur, a ginger who still forgets sunscreen most days, a football-enthusiast who still can't manage to spiral the ball, and a teacher who has a lot to give -- and that's where you all come in! I'm so excited for all the learning and growing we'll be doing together this year!
As an English teacher, I obviously love to read, but choosing a favorite book is like choosing a favorite child -- you just can't do it. That said, I'd have to go with Harry Potter as my favorite series (and will happily fan-girl with anyone else who agrees!), with other notable mentions like the Lunar Chronicles, Ender's Game, and any book by John Green or Jane Austen, When I have spare time, I like to watch international movies and television (Korean tv shows and Bollywood movies are my particular favorites). I'm also a big fan of yoga, music in any form (I did a lot of choirs and musicals in high school), water skiing, and spending time with my family back home in Portland.
Before school starts this year, I will be spending two months in London, watching shows varying from Shakespeare's Taming of the Shrew to Disney's Lion King. I'm hoping to bring back some really cool experiences and stories, and I'm so excited to share what I learn with each of you!