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One last shout out

Submitted by david.thacker on Fri, 05/29/2015 - 08:14
By Chris Thompson

Congratulations to Tristan Bowman who read 100 books this year to become the top-reading member of The Thompson Twenty! Every year Mrs. Thompson challenges her students to read as many books outside of class as they can. Some set goals for the Thompson Twelve while others set their sights on the monthly minimum, reading eight books in the school year.  Eighteen students achieved the Thompson Twenty and were recognized in class this week:  Hayley Von Nederhausern, Sterling Brinkerhoff, Brylee Ferre, Chantel Street, Carter Frame, Kalley Stubbs, CJ Pierce, Ethan Blake, Zach Bues, Jensen Lewis, Lyssa Fisk, Phoenix Collins, Jenna Muirbrook, Maddie Reese, JJ Judd, Caleb Dillman, Sadie Harward, and Tristan Bowman. An additional twenty-three students were inducted into the Thompson Twelve.  Want to know who they are?  Stop by Mrs. Thompson’s room and view her reading wall of fame!