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Our Cross Country Team is a Beast!

Submitted by david.thacker on Fri, 09/28/2012 - 13:58
By Mateen Lomax

Our Cross Country racers are off to a good start.   At a recent meet held Friday September 7, 2012, this Howl reporter got to see our incredible runners in action.

The team was amazing.  There was lots of fun, and excitement.  A level of confidence was in all the runners.  They were all well trained and knew what they had to do to win.  Most of them were really humble, but they all did amazing.

Our girls team got 4th place and our boys got 3rd.   Runner Heston Anderson took 2nd overall.

Nate Bartholomew, more commonly known as Mr. “B,” is the coach for the cross country team. He is very positive with those runners, but runs and trains them hard. He looks optimistically at the things his runners do, while giving them great advice. He is a great coach, a coach most people would like to have.

This reporter talked to a few runners, and asked them why they had joined Cross Country.  They told me a lot of different reasons. Some of them were forced to join by their parents, others were pressured into it.  Some just needed to get there energy out. No matter what the reason, we have a good cross country team.