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Our Principal’s Principles

Submitted by david.thacker on Fri, 11/18/2011 - 12:58
By Ashlee Johnson—School News Editor

Our principal, Mr. Fleming, sat down with the Lobo Howl and discussed a few things he’d like students to think about.  Here are some principles he’d like students to consider:

Have you noticed kids being disruptive and wasting time in the halls? Being disruptive includes running, yelling, gathering in groups in the middle of the hall, jumping on each other’s backs and other things of that nature.

Wasting time is also an issue, don't mess around during the five minute breaks between classes, because if you do mess around there is a chance you could be late.

Being disruptive or late to class distracts others from the learning process. For example being loud during lunch is disrespectful to teachers and other students. When walking through the halls walk on the right side to make the flow of people walking much faster and easier.

So when walking in the halls, remember to respect others, teachers, and all those around you-- especially during lunch. Other than that the administration is proud of your work so far. Keep up the good work!