Penny Wars 2016

This year’s Penny Wars will be the best ever! We are challenging each 2nd period class to bring as much silver change as possible and deposit it in your 2nd period collection. Then you can drop off pennies in the collections of other teachers to count against the silver. There will be collections in every classroom that has a 2nd period. This year’s Penny Wars collections will be donated to the Warm the Souls charity run by the Nebo Credit Union. Penny Wars starts Monday and run all week.
Daily Challenges

  • Monday – Highest Total Silver Count (Nickels, Dimes, Quarters, Dollar Coins)
  • Tuesday – Highest Dollar Coin Count (Susan B. Anthony coins won’t fit in the coin jars!)
  • Wednesday – Highest Quarter Count
  • Thursday – Highest Paper Money Count
  • Friday – Lowest Penny Count

There will be small prizes for the classes that win the daily prizes and a main prize for the highest count (after the pennies have been calculated out). The class with the largest week long total will receive a prize from NJHS. No removing pennies to ‘bomb’ other classes. Remember, this is all for charity, so be generous and Mr. Lawrence encourages friendly, good-sportsmanly rivalry.