Poetry Slam Winners

Spanish Fork Jr. High conducted its 1st annual poetry slam on Wednesday May 18, 2011. The students who participated read memorized poems in a variety of categories and were challenged by the judges during the competition to create an impromptu poem using the line "I Hate Summer".

Here are the winners;

Ammon Flint - Comedic

Chad Peterson - Dramatic

Cameron Sokol - Original

Chase Dietz - Impromptu "I Hate Summer" poem

and these are the other 26:

Emily Wilson

Westley Cook

Jeremy Thacker

Jeff Hall

Bethany Davis

Jocelyn Seybold

Brayden Critchfield

McKinley Roundy

Sara White

Braxton Brambrough

Emily Esparza

Wes Stone

Chad Peterson

Connor Meads

Brendon McConnell

Garron Brian

Brooke Ashton

Landon Loss

Loni Hawkins

Lauren Parker

Sydnie Button

Marianna Tonga

Elise Wilson

Maddie Stocks

Cameron Sokol

Ethan Sokol

Dallan Nelson

Jessica Pratt

Mikeala Meyer