Ravenous Readers—Episode II

by Rillene R. E. Nielsen

Today, seventh graders in Mrs. Nielsen’s second pod were excited. In fact, excited might not even be the right word—let’s use ecstatic!

Yesterday, pod 2, the smallest of Mrs. Nielsen’s classes , inched past pod 3 on the 100 Book Chart. They were really jazzed over this accomplishment because pod 3 is the biggest class with 31 students. “We’ve been behind them all term,” commented one student. “Now we only have two books until we reach 100!”

Today, at the begging of third period, Billy Hall brought his reading folder up to Mrs. Nielsen and got another book signed off. The class could hardly believe it—one more to go. Meanwhile, Colton Richman was sitting quietly—reading. He only had 2 pages left in his book, but would there be time during class to finish? Or would Mrs. Nielsen keep them so busy he’d have to wait until he got home?

At the beginning of fourth period, what was once thought to be unimaginable happened. Check out this video to see for yourself.

And keep checking the website for updates—pod 3 is just 4 books away from 100. Will they hit it tomorrow or the next day?