Real World Problems, Real World Learning

by Rillene Nielsen and Eric Ferrin, pictures by Eric Ferrin

Students often complain, “I don’t see how I’ll ever need to know this.”  But in Mr. Ferrin’s math class, 9th grade Spanish Fork Junior High students use the mathematical concepts they are learning to solve real world problems.

Today students were learning about proportion and scale.  Using tape measures and working in groups, students measured the dimensions of the classroom, the tables and desks, and then drew a to-scale floor plan of Mr. Ferrin’s math lab.  Included in the plan was a legend that indicated the scale students used.

If your 9th grade student has Mr. Ferrin, don’t forget to ask them about today’s activity.  And if you want to rearrange the living room for that new coach you’ve been wanting, they can measure and let you know if it’ll fit.

Just another example of engagement and learning at SFJH.