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Roots of Knowledge Field Trip

Submitted by david.thacker on Fri, 11/10/2017 - 21:20
By Milah Konchar

The 7th grade Honors English students went to UVU for a field trip to see the Roots of Knowledge stained glass window display. It was amazing!

 The display was awesome because there was a tree at the beginning representing the tree of life. Then there was a tree at the end which looked like a hand holding a torch, but you could tell it was a tree [representing the transfer of knowledge to future generations].

 In between the trees there were pictures depicted in stained glass showing all of the things we have discovered over generations such as the pyramids of Egypt and Vikings’ ships. There were pictures showing people making railroads and canoes and planting crops and just working in general. They also had all of the great artists and geniuses from around the world like Beethoven, Einstein, Jane Austen, and lots more. There were some buildings near the end that represented the future.

 We also did a walk and write which is when you walk around in small groups and talk, and then you sit down and write inspiring ideas that you had talked or thought about. Walk and writes are fun! We learned a lot from the UVU field trip.