School Level and District Level Science Fair Winners


Congratulations to the 2016-2017 Spanish Fork Junior High Science Fair participants!  At the school level our overall winner from both grades is 8th grader Ethan Graham​ - Good Job Ethan! The following are the school level award winners...

   - 8th Grade winners: 1st- Bruce Huntsman, Ethan Binks, and  David Riding; 2nd- Katelyn Gappmayer and Taylor Gull; 3rd- Corinne Orton, Isak Bartholomew, and  Bobbie Carter

   - 9th Grade winners: 1st- Grant Johnson and Thomas Heaps; 2nd- Aeden Dayley; 3rd- Sarah Doerr, Emily Monroe, and Lauren Ethington.

These SFJHS Science Fair winners, along with selected other school level top finishers, were invited to represent our school at the district tournament last week. From this district fair, 40 science project winners from Nebo School District (7 junior highs and 5 High Schools) were selected to advance to the State Science Fair at BYU.  Amazingly 16 of the 40 projects (involving 26 students) were from Spanish Fork Jr. High - Outstanding!!

   - 9th grade State Science Fair invitees were: Lauren Ethington, Thomas Heaps, Grant Johnson, and Aeden Dayley

   - 8th grade State Science Fair invitees were: Bruce Huntsman, Sydnee Seeley, Eva Lauritzen, Kylie Smith, Ethan Binks, David Riding, Taylor Gull, Corinne Orton, Marley Jensen, Nicole James, Avery Steele, Katelyn Gappmayer, Bobbie Carter, Isak Bartholomew, Holly Larsen, Tyler Reese, Ethan Graham, Erica Bramall, Josie Wright, Avery Critchfield, Jordyn Pearson, and Mklain Shepherd.

Thanks to all students who presented projects.  We want to wish all of our participants who are now moving on to the Utah State Science Fair the best of luck as they try to advance to the national science fair.