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September’s Students of the Month

Submitted by david.thacker on Fri, 09/28/2012 - 13:36
By Jared Krupa

Twenty-seven Spanish Fork Junior High students have been selected by their teachers as September’s Students of the Month.  This award was started a few years ago to honor individuals who do their best in class.

Mrs. Coxson gathers the names of the winners.   Awards are given by each department.  Teachers in each subject pick a student from each grade level based on things like good citizenship, showing improvement, maintaining excellent grades, or being helpful to other class members. 

Students winning the award get certificates, a treat of their choice, and a delicious pizza lunch during 5th period.  Their names, pictures, and information are also posted in the Student of the Month award case! Mrs. Zobell takes care of the pictures and the display case, while Mrs. Brown takes care of all the goodies students get from the award.

Being Student of the Month is a great honor! Remember to keep up the good work so you can get nominated.

Brenden Anderson

Austin Baum

Yailie Acevedo

Sarah Oliverson

Mitchell Jenkins

Jace Christensen

Anna Warner

Hailey Hullinger

Jordon Hughes

Harold Guy

Brynn Lewis

Robby Dixon

Mckray Palfreyman

Tawnie Harris

Gaby Braun

Jordyn Bate

Jailee Neil

Madeline Eddington

Sadie Bennett

Scott Andrews

Lincoln Morris

Adelaide Lunceford

Bethany Cheatham

Kaylee Hudson

Serenity Rockwood

Tyrell Przybycien

Haylie Smith