Seventh Grade Utah Studies Students Re-live History

By Rillene Nielsen and Shae Harmer
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Here’s the latest in from Mrs. Shae Harmer’s seventh-grade Utah Studies classes:

“On October 22, we had the opportunity to go to “This Is the Place” historical monument as a 7th grade social studies class.  We learned things about the work blacksmiths did.  We visited a Native Americans village and learned how mountain men survived in the wilderness.

“We also had the opportunity to do some of the things that early Utah pioneers did.  We were divided into handcart companies.  The students got the chance to grind corn into flour and push and pull a handcart.  It made students feel like there were actually there.”

Thanks for the update Mrs. Harmer.  This sounds like it was a great experience for the students to understand a little bit more about our great state of Utah.