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Seventh-Graders Are Great Role Models

Submitted by david.thacker on Fri, 02/08/2019 - 18:51
story and pictures by Rachel Freeze

Mrs. Freeze's class took a field trip to Riverview Elementary! For weeks, students have been learning and writing about one of their role models as well as investigating the question, "What makes a good role model?" Today, they got to put what they've learned into action!

They read the biographies they wrote about their role models, written like a story for little kids instead of a report, and they helped their Kindergarten-2nd Grade buddies think about who their role models were (they included Superman, YouTubers, and their mom or dad!). Then, they
listened to their Riverview buddies read and helped them if they got stuck on a word.

The Riverview students were so adorable, smart, and fun! It was also fun for some of our Riverview alumni to see their past teachers. Thanks so much to all of the wonderful Riverview teachers and students that participated (as well as our chaperones!). And Mrs. Freeze wants to thank her students for all their hard work and for being such great role models!