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SFJH Band Gives Thrilling Concert

Submitted by david.thacker on Tue, 12/06/2011 - 08:07
By Sawyer Hamilton—Reporter

There are only a few words to describe our school's band. Incredible, Thrilling, and Rhapsody. On Thursday November 10th, the school's band had the privilege of performing with Spanish Fork High's band. At the beginning, the high school did a few pieces, but then they combined with the 9th graders for a song from The Incredibles, “The Incredibles Theme”. Afterwards they called up the 8th graders to perform “Bella's Lullaby” from the popular book and movie series Twilight, it the song which was created to be played on the piano but was soon changed so all instruments could do it. Both performances were amazing. They then combined with our schools 7th graders to perform the two greatest songs of the night, conducted by our own, Mr. Wendell. First was Micahel Jackson's hit song “Thriller”. Many of the large audience that showed up went crazy over the song the second it started to play. Next was another popular song, “Bohemian Rhapsody”. If you listened closely you could have heard people in the audience singing to the bands spectacular playing. At the end the band got a amazing reaction out of the audience in which they bowed. As the band cleaned up for the night investigative reporter Sawyer Hamilton went to get comments and statements. Mr. Wendell the band teacher was happy to say that the “Show was really good, I'm proud of my students.” He said that the band only practiced for three days together, and others practiced in their free time. He is one of the many people who play the trumpet. Eighth grade student Chase Yemen replied “I thought the show was excellent!” He also said his favorite piece was Bohemian Rhapsody, which was also a favorite to the crowd. Chase plays the French Horn. Another 8th grade student, Kaleb Sly who plays the trombone said “The show was great!” His favorite song was the Incredibles. Ninth grade student, Jesse Jairl, said “I liked the show, but I thought it went a little to fast.” He plays the Barratone Sax and his favorite song was Thriller. Also, 9th grade student Chloe Lewis said, “I loved the show! It was really good.” Chloe said her favorite song was Bohemian Rhapsody and she plays the clarinet. Our band is one of our school's amazing fine arts groups that expresses through the art of music. And for those taking band or orchestra keep up the good work!