SFJH FFA Members Earn Degrees

by Jaxen Gurney, SFJHS FFA Student Reporter
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On December 14, 2016 the Spanish Fork FFA had a degree ceremony.

We met at Spanish Fork Jr. High where the Discovery Degree, Green-hand Degree, and Chapter Degree were awarded. Students earn these awards from their agriculture projects they do outside of school.

Before we started the degree ceremony, the high school officers did the opening ceremony. During the opening, FFA members working on their record books could receive help getting started or get help finishing.

Once everyone got their awards, pictures were taken and treats were served. 

Congratulations to all the award winners!

Discovery Degree

Gracie Beckstrom , Gage Fevold, Kael Jensen, Bobbie Carter, Gavin Woodhouse, Michael Wyss, Corban Tanner, Shelby Finch, Brayden Banks, Carter Marziale, Easton Redd, Rachel Herbert, Josie Sorensen, J'Amy Davis, Weston Ottesen, Elizabeth Hutchings, Jaxen Gurney 

Green-hand Degree

Jaiden Stewart, Lance Jensen, McKlay Ackerman, Megan Stewart, Ellie Ash, Gracie Sorensen, Ashton Hunt, Boston Thatcher, Jade Rindlisbacher, Brady Orton, Carston Ludlow, Colton Ricks, Lauren Ethington , Preston Irvine , Storri Nelson, Joseph Sullivan, Marlei Clayson , Katelyn Beckstead, Nikolas Thacker, Kacie Sorensen, Shayla Seitz, Bailey Barber, Gavin Shepherd, Tanner Voorhees