SFJH Orchestra Makes It to Video Contest Semi-Finals

By Angela Harmon with Rillene Nielsen

It’s 7:30 AM on Tuesday morning, and an exciting e-mail passes across my desktop.  “WOW!”  I yelled.  People need to know about this!  Here is Mrs. Harmons’ electrifying e-mail:

 “I just wanted to let you all know some exciting news.”

“A few weeks ago, my 8th grade orchestra entered a video of one of our performances into a contest called the 'Music in our Schools Tour' by the Give a Note Foundation.  If we win the contest, a famous Radio Disney star will arrive at our school for a concert, and we will receive a grant from the Give a Note Foundation (a large check).  I was just informed that we have made it to the semi-finals!  They select only 12 schools in the country for the semi-finals, now the 6 winners will be determined by voting.  We need our district....our whole state to begin voting for our school!  The videos haven't been uploaded for voting, yet...I'll let you know when.”

“This is so exciting!  More info about this contest here:  https://www.giveanote.org/programs/music-in-our-schools-tour/               

I'm happy, happy, happy.

“Once videos are uploaded, voting can begin.  The site is www.giveanote.org/musicinspires

“I'll let you know when it's time to vote…  I hope you will spread the word and vote for our school!”

 Check back often.  As soon as the voting opens, we’ll let you know.

Way to go Lobos!