SFJH Orchestra Teacher Publishes Article on Expanding Music Students’ Potential

by Rillene Nielsen

Mrs. Angela Harman, Spanish Fork Junior High’s extraordinary orchestra teacher, recently published an article entitled “3 Ways to Expand Your Music Students’ Potential.”  It appeared this week in Make Music, Inc.’s music blog for teachers, Smart Music (see link  https://www.smartmusic.com/blog/3-ways-to-expand-your-music-students-potential/ ). 

SmartMusic, part of MakeMusic, Inc. is an interactive music program that provides teachers and students with background practice music and gives students feedback on their performance.  The opportunity to write the article came about when a rep from the company attended a conference where Mrs. Harman was presenting.  She was so inspired by the presentation, she asked Mrs. Harman to write an article for their readers. 

In the introduction of her article, Mrs. Harman shares an experience that helped her raise her standards for her students’ performance—standards that are now bearing fruit.  “Several years ago I played with an orchestra that accompanied an 8-year-old cellist’s performance of  Popper’s ‘Hungarian Rhapsody.’ I watched in amazement as her little fingers flew up and down the fingerboard with perfect precision. As she poured herself into the performance I could feel her love and passion for the music. This experience inspired me to raise the standards for my students. If she could perform that piece with such accuracy and passion, surely my students could do the same. My love for teaching has intensified as I’ve watched my students begin to discover what they are capable of accomplishing and soar to new heights. To help your students discover their potential and find their “wings,” I encourage you to see greatness in your students, test their limits, and help them to create ownership.”

Read her entire article by visiting the blog at the link above.  Thank you, Mrs. Harman, for your dedication to your students.