SFJH Runners Heading to Cali With Salem Hills Team

By Janelle Slater—Assistant School News Editor

Devin Minson, Gavin Hasty, Mitchell Stone, Rylan Christensen, and Danny Badger are all members of the SHHS Cross Country Team. Coach Bart Thompson said, “Cross Country is a GREAT sport that anyone can participate in. We do a lot of fun things together, such as a 3-day summer camp in the mountains, movie nights in the summer, team dinners, an overnight trip to Cedar City, and of course, our California trip! We're always looking for new runners--no experience necessary!!!”

Although the Cross Country season is over, SHHS Cross Country is going on a trip the first week of December to Southern California. As Coach Thompson put it, “It's four days in Southern California--beach, Disneyland, good food, friends and NO PARENTS!” While they are there, the cross country team will also be participating in the Western Regional Meet.

Coach Thompson explained that scoring and records keeping are much different in the sport of cross country.  “Unlike sports like football, basketball, etc, in Cross Country races there are more than just two teams competing, so it's impossible to give a simple win/loss record. However, our teams have competed well this year and represented our school very well,” is how Bart Thompson explained the concept of Cross Country scores.

Great job SFJH runners for having such a successful season. Have fun in California and good luck at the Western Regional's!