SFJH Students Buddy Up With First Graders

by Kathy Thacker
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Spanish Fork Jr. High students gave a Book Buddy to every first grader at Riverview Elementary school. A Book Buddy is a small stuffed toy designed to be small enough to easily fit in the first graders’ desks.  First graders can read out loud to their Book Buddies to improve their reading fluency. 

Last year every student in Mrs. Thacker’s FACS Exploration or Apparel Design and Production classes made a Book Buddy.  Each student had to create their own pattern, so each one was unique.  After the students cut out their pattern, they sewed faces onto the Book Buddy to give it a persona.  Then they sewed the pieces together, stuffed them, and hand-sewed them closed.

After each Book Buddy was created, Mr. Lawrence’s Creative Writing class and the National Jr. Honors Society Club named it, and wrote a small story about it.

The Book Buddies were gathered up all through last school year in hopes that we would have enough to deliver one to every first grader at Riverview Elementary this school year. In total students created, named and wrote stories for 135 Book Buddies last year.  We hope to have at least that many this year, so we can deliver them to next year’s first graders.