SFJH Women’s Tennis Ready to Serve It Up

By Tristan Anderson—Assistant Editor-in-Chief

This year’s girls tennis teams for SFJHS seems like a great group of girls!  The Lobo Howl would like to congratulate the team.  Here is this year’s roster:


Alli Brinton, Andrea Findlay, Karley Holmes, Kenzi Hancock, Madi Wanner, Nicole Hair, Sydnie Davis, Tessa Christensen

Junior Varsity

Alison Damon, Amanda Ith, Aubree Beckstrand, Bailey Smith, Cierra Memott, Elsie Wilson, Emily Miller, Jamie Andrews, Laruen Gammel, Amanda Taylor


Amanda Taylor, Becca Fabis, Courtney Billat, Katie Stutz, Kimberly Bramall, Lindsey Olsen,

Morgan Briggs, Olivia Harding, Taylor Little

  Kenzi Hancock commented on this year’s roster, “I think that many of the girls that tried out for the team have come back [this year] because they really liked it [last year]. I also have seen that most of the girls have improved. They have gotten a lot better than they were when they first began.”