Shakespeare Competition

By: Tremaine Lomax pictures by Allyson Jones

Day One:

We left at 9:30 on Thursday and after a two and a half hour bus ride we got to SUU (Southern Utah University) for a tour of the campus.  After that, we went to the gift shop, took some pictures, then went to the hotel and chilled. 

 Another bus ride took us to the Tuacahn Center for the Arts, but this one was only a hour long.  We saw “Matilda.”  It was amazing--lots of twists I was not expecting.  Overall I had a fun time.

 We drove back to our hotel and “slept”.

 Day Two: 

We woke up, got some hotel breakfast, and left for SUU where we had the opportunity to go to some fun classes with different high school ensemble performers. At about 3:30, after watching Diamond Fork’s Ensemble performance, we headed back to our hotel to get ready for our performance. We ran through our scene adding things to make it better. Spanish Fork Junior High’s Ensemble (featuring yours truly) did amazing! 

 After our performance, we went back to our hotel and practiced our individual events for tomorrow.  A lot of other kids went down to the pool where it got a little too loud. Then we got back to our rooms and slept.

 Day Three:

 After the last night in the hotel, we ate breakfast, got our stuff together, and left for the last day of competitions-- the individual events (duo/trio scenes and monologues).  Everyone did fantastic!

 Buuuut …..There was a lot of walking between campus buildings.

 After everything was said and done, we took a short walk to a restaurant called the Pastry Pub which had lots of varieties of food and pastries! I got a Quesadilla, an Italian soda, and a Canoli.  Everyone’s food looked really good.

 After that, it was time for the award ceremony where, unfortunately, we didn't place top three in anything—or so we thought.  Afterward, we climbed back on the bus, tired from the long trip.  After another two and a half hour long bus ride, we finally got back at about 11:20.  We unloaded the bus and went home after a long day.

 The Monday After the Competition:

During fifth period, Miss Holley got a call saying the judges messed up the overall total for our school!  It turns out we got third place over all the schools!