Shakespeare Competitions 2010

by: Katrina Ashment

Shakespeare was an indescribable experience! We had an amazing time.

The ride up to Cedar City was three hours of non stop talking and laughing. When we arrived at the college campus we took a little tour then we were back on the bus and off to our hotel. We had stayed at a nice hotel called Holiday Inn Express.

 When we all got settled in our rooms, we got back on the bus to go to Tuachan to see Crazy for You. It was a musical filled with songs and laughs every few minutes. It was a beautiful night and the sky was clear and filled with stars.

 When it was over, we were on the bus again and on our way back to the hotel. The way back was a loud, annoying, but fun ride. I think by the time we got back everybody was tired and ready for bed.

 When Friday morning came we woke up around six o’ clock and went down to the lobby for breakfast. We started to get ready for our first day of competition. We were performing our duo dance, ensemble acting scene, and our music selections.

 While we waited for our chance to perform, we had the opportunity to walk around and go see other schools perform. Each school had their own personality. It was really fun to watch others compete.

 Before we performed, everybody had a few minutes to practice. I think it helped because everybody seemed a little bit nervous. But when we got up on the stage we did fantastic.

 After everybody performed we went to our hotel to practice our ensemble dance, trio scenes, and our monologues. The night was fun and filled with practice and swimming.

 When Saturday morning arrived everybody was up and doing something, be it hair, make-up, eating, or packing. When everybody was ready to go, we hopped on the bus and went back to campus. As the actors went to perform, the dancers stayed back to practice. All day everybody was performing and watching others. It was a busy day. Every minute we had somewhere to be. When everybody was done we went to Sizzler for dinner.

 While we were eating, we got a message saying that one of our monologues was in the showcase! We were all so proud of her. A showcase is where you get to perform in front of everybody there. So when five o’ clock hit we went back to campus to watch the performers.

 After the showcase we went to the auditorium where the award ceremony was held. We had took second place in our duo dance, one of our scenes and one of our monologues. We took fourth in our ensemble acting scene and our ensemble dance. Everybody did great! Over all our school had took fourth in the sweepstakes for the Stratford Division. The time that I had up in Cedar City at the Shakespeare competition was like no other. Everybody got even closer than we were before. It was an amazing opportunity and I’m glad I was able to be in it.

 Our directors were phenomenal. Without them, we wouldn’t have gotten as far as we did. They are all wonderful and I thank them for this experience.


v  2nd place Monologue, The Merchant of Venice; Elizabeth Mitchell

v  2nd place Duo Dance, “Regret”; Steven Russell and Jenessa Pratt

v  2nd place Trio Scene, Two Gentlemen of Verona; Steven Russell, Meagan Christensen, Ammon Flint

v  5th place Trio Scene, As You Like It (unawarded); Joci Baker, Jaden Jensen, Alex Oveson

v  4th place Ensemble Dance, “Madness” (unawarded); Taylor Hansen, Tristan Walker, Madelyn Bingham, Katrina Ashment, Maddy Shearer, Kayla Koyle

v  4th place Ensemble Acting, Taming of the Shrew (unawarded); Sariah Lee, Benjamin Watkin, Joey Shearer, Tyler Nation, Maddy Shearer, Maren Williams, Hunter Healey, Lauren Bennett, Caitlyn Nixon, Madelyn Bingham, Katrina Ashment, Kayla Koyle, Jenessa Pratt, Nathan Davis (tech), Olivia Christian (tech)

v  4th place Overall Team Sweepstakes, Stratford (unawarded)

 Students Not Listed Above (participation awards)

McKenna Nelson, A Winter’s Tale, Paulina

Natalie Wixom, Taming of the Shrew, Katherine

“This Life is Most Jolly” inspired by Jacques in As You Like It

 Maddy Shearer (soprano/triangle), Mallorie Christensen (alto/tambourine), Adam Boden baritone/bongos), Morgan Harris (cello), Kayla Krause (viola), Maren Williams (violin)


Director: Kristina Holley

Director’s Assistant: James Russell

Ensemble Choreographer: Katie Wiscombe

Scene Choreographer: Morgan Hansen

Student Helpers: Carilyn Jenkins, Blake Alanis, Miranda Porter

Musical Director: Sharon Hopkins

Assistant Musical Director: Paul Wells