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Shakespearian Players Attend Renaissance Fair

Submitted by david.thacker on Mon, 10/29/2012 - 06:28
By Taten Knapp

The Drama Club went to the Renaissance Fair held earlier this month up in Provo Canyon at Timpanogos Park , to practice their Shakespeare routines in front of a crowd. They did a great job preforming.  This opportunity helped them get ready to go to Cedar City this month.

The Renaissance Fair showed club members what life was like during the middle age for the peasants and rulers.

There were all sorts of booths around the park.  At one booth bread was baking.  It a kind of bread called hard tack and they baked it right in front of you. It tasted amazing even though the only ingredients were salt, water, and the lowest grade of flour. It was extremely healthy, and it tasted like a bit of heaven. Another booth sold huge pickles for a dollar.  They were impossible to eat.

There was also a booth where a man displayed handmade coffins from homemade materials. A student named Austin Baum volunteered to get in the coffin, and then pretended to be dead.

At a calligraphy booth people would write your name with a bent pen, and it looked amazing!

The bird trainers had a bird show.  The Falconers talked about how people in the middle ages trained birds to go get their food for them.   Hawks flew right over our heads.  They would swoop down, and it would look like the birds were about to take your head off!

They had booths to buy armor and other things from the Renaissance.

They had a place where you could learn how to sword fight-- for real. You got to train with the lady there and learn the fighting techniques.

Next time the Renascence Fair is around, make sure to go.   It’s really is worth it. You will be glad you went and it will change your perspective on how people lived back in the Renaissance.