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Snow Hampers Hike, But Hikers Undeterred

Submitted by david.thacker on Thu, 05/25/2017 - 20:48
by Garrett Johnson with Rillene Nielsen picture by Chelsey Denter

On the morning of May 18th, the Spring Hikers awoke to some frightful weather outside.   But they were determined to do the hike they had all signed up for. 

They showed up to school prepared to hike the switchbacks trail in Woodland Hills.  On a last minute decision by Coach Johnson, the hikers switched hiking plans.  Instead of the switchbacks, they would take on the slopes of West Mountain because there was not 3 feet of snow out there! 

The hikers arrived at West Mountain and set off.  They braved the first steep hill and conquered it.  As many stayed at the top of this hill to rest and eat, others continued on to the top of the next hill where they ate lunch. 

After a good rest and lunch, they made their way back down the steep hills.  When they had all made it to the bottom, they hiked across the bottom of some of the mountains and then summited one more mountain that was at the far south end. 

All the hikers had a fun time and things turned out great, especially for a last minute change in plans.