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Spanish Fork Freshman Team Lays The Beat Down

Submitted by david.thacker on Mon, 09/09/2019 - 20:01
Story and picture by Xavier Amonett (student)

When I got to the game, it was already 16 to 0 and the Dons were winning. Number 16 for the Dons ran a 40-yard touchdown score up the right side of the field. Then, after a turnover on downs, number 36 for the Dons ran a score up the middle from about 35 yards out. The Dons defense was strong as they held the other team to three and out. Towards the end of the second quarter, with two minutes and 32 seconds left in the half, the Dons took over on their 8-yard line. Provo defense was tough and tackle them for a loss, dropping them to the 4-yard line on the first play. Provo batted the ball thrown by the quarterback (number 10). On the third play for the Dons number 10 threw a pass to number 19 that was incomplete. This resulted in the Dons punting from the back of their end zone. The punt was long and reached the 50-yard line. Provo was only able to manage an 8-yard return due to the Dons defense. Provo took over the ball; their first attempt was a pass play to the left side of the field. Number 6 defended well but the receiver caught the ball anyway. It ended up being a 30-yard gain. Spanish Fork then tackles Provo for a loss and a fumble. Spanish Fork recovered the fumble.

 At halftime, the Dons were ahead 23 to 0. To start the second half, the Dons received the kick off at the 3-yard line and returned it 26 yards to the 29-yard line. On the second play, the Dons had a 2 yard run by number 19. On the third play, the Dons got sacked for a 22-yard loss and flagged for intentional grounding. The Dons then punted it to the 49-yard line with no return from Provo. On the first play, number 31 for Provo ran in a touchdown. The play was held back because a player was offside. Provo threw a short 8-yard pass to a receiver. The following play Spanish Fork defense caught an interception and returned it for about 10 yards. Number 18 came in as quarterback and led the Dons down the field. Eventually turning it over on downs to Provo with an incomplete pass. Spanish Fork defense stymied Provo again forcing them to punt. Spanish Fork offense was able to squeeze out a touchdown with a pass to number 80.

 On the kick off, Spanish Fork pulled some trickery and was able to recover the ball to maintain possession. Spanish Fork completed a great pass to number 8 for a 15-yard gain, but they were penalized 10 yards for unsportsmanlike conduct. Provo capitalized with a tackle for loss and a great open field tackle by number 52. Then Spanish Fork moved the chains with a short yard catch. Spanish Fork threw for the endzone and the pass was incomplete but they benefited from a pass interference by Provo. That play moved the chains to the 13-yard line. In the third quarter and the start of the fourth quarter, the Dons struggled after getting tackled for a loss and a 12-men-on-the-field penalty. With 10 minutes left to go in the fourth quarter, Spanish Fork had a comfortable lead at 29 to 0.