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Spanish Fork Jr. High Honors Veterans

Submitted by david.thacker on Thu, 11/11/2010 - 10:39
by: Laura Carter

Stars, Veterans, HMVEEs, Miss Utah, and an amazing display of patriotism was demonstrated at Spanish Fork Junior High School today, Wednesday, November 10, 2010.

Since the beginning of November, students have been contributing red, white, and blue "Veteran's Stars" that are on display in the main foyer of the school.  Each star honors a family, friend, or neighbor who has served in the United States armed forces with names, pictures, dates of service, and branches of the military served.  Students were encouraged to bring their veterans with them to the assembly.

This morning, students attended an assembly in which an Honor Guard (SFC, Levi John; SPC, Andrew Gee; SPC, Chase Brown)presented the flags and a moving rendition of taps was played by our music teacher Matt Wendell.  Student Madison Wilson then sang an amazing version of the National Anthem.

Miss Utah, Christina Lowe, talked to the students about partiotism and civic duty.  She then sang "God Bless America" asking the students to stand and  sing the second verse with her.  She spoke of her family members who have served our country and thanked the many veterans who were attending the assembly with their children and grandchildren for their service and sacrifice.

A modern veteran's account of war was shared by Jeff Long who had served in Afghanistan until he was injured by an IED.  He showed a PowerPoint presentation with pictures of his family members who had served before him and then his own story of experiences in Afghanistan.

The students were extremely quiet and respectful throughout the assembly giving the visiting veterans a standing ovation before dismissing for classes.  Many students returned to class with tears of appreciation in their eyes saying that it was the best assembly they have ever attended.

Spanish Fork's National Guard brought in a HUMVEE and a military transport vehicle into the parking lot for students to explore.  They had a great time!

Gratitude goes to our counseling secretary, Becky Provstgaard, for her vision and planning this event for the school and our community!  All who attended were deeply moved by the experience.