Spook-tacular Writing Submitted to 5th Annual SFJH Zombie Haiku Contest

By Rillene R. E. Nielsen

Mr. Anson’s 9th grade Honors English students had a tough time choosing winners from all the terrifyingly terrific submissions to this year's Zombie Haiku Contest.  Hundreds of poems were submitted by both students and teachers.  This year’s contest even featured poems written by Mr. Moss’s intermediate and advanced Spanish students--in Español. 

The judging is over and here are the winners

Dusting off the brains
Mopping up the crimson blood
A zombie mom’s “dream”
Bailey Hendricks

 English teachers hate
Zombies because they speak with
Wendy Price

 Hijacking the world
One human’s flesh at a time
Having no mercy
Alex Webb

 Zombie hide and seek
Come out wherever you are
Tag you with a bite
Jessica Olsen

 Blood is really warm
It is like drinking hot tea
But with more screaming
Dylan Thomas

 Zombie in a mall
The only store he liked was
The store Free People
McKenzie Christensen

 I am a zombie
I speak. All they hear is grunts
Few actually try
Beth Schaefermeyer

 Zombies love eating
But it has to be fatty
And you fit the list
Kennedy Frame

 Zombies everywhere
Munching, chomping on the hearts
Of the innocents
Brennen McGill

 Soy Bob el zombie
Sangre, sangre, yum, yum, yum
Sabe a dulces!
Sumerlyn Nilson

 Hay sangre roja
En lo boca del zombie
Era mi sangre
Aubrey Burningham

 Chicloso carne
Y cerebro muy fresco
Tu sangre rico
Cindy Bravo

 Brains, Brains, magical
Fruit! The more you eat the more
You chew, slurp, then Bruit!
Mrs. Thompson

 Toothless zombie kiss
Not  lethal, but disgusting
Talk about bad breath
Mr. Lawrence

 “No Discrimination”
Mother, Daughter, Son…
Zombies don’t discriminate
Veins pulsing in all.
Mrs. Heber

 Hay mucha carne
En la boca del zombie
Era mi pie
Sr. Moss

 Students who are at
Spanish Fork Junior High now
Fear the Zombies here
They don’t want the last
Thing they hear to be the moan
Of the Zombie Horde
Their last glance to be
Into the soulless eyes of
The undead creatures
Their rank and foul breath
Overwhelms as they close in
Their teeth chattering
The only way to describe
The pain of the bites
Temporary pain
A small price to be paid for
An eternity
Of aimless roaming
Now a small part of the horde
Searching for fresh meat
Students who are at
Spanish Fork Junior High now
Are the Zombies here
Mr. Thacker