Student Council Service Projects

by: Lindsay Brown

The latest service project Spanish Fork Jr. High has participated in was a school-wide food drive. All of the cans donated by students and teachers went to an organization called Tabitha’s Way. Tabitha’s Way is a new organization in Spanish Fork. They provide a thrift store and food pantry. They have clothes, shoes, and food for the homeless.

To get the students involved in the food drive, there was a competition. Whichever class collected the most cans won fabulous prizes. Here are the results:

Mr. Hubbard’s class easily stole first place with 859 cans!

In second place, Mrs. Larson’s class brought in 236 cans.

As for third place, Mrs. Holley’s class donated 185 cans.

In total, the school collected 2,612 cans of nonperishable food. We thank all of you who donated to our community! Those people without food are now able to receive canned items from you.

In December, our school went crazy with service projects. We had two in one month. What is it about Christmas time that makes people feel so good? Our school had a great time serving our community. The National Jr. Honors Society organized our annual “Coins for Christmas” fundraiser, while the Student Council put on a stuffed animal drive.

Both of these projects turned out to be a success. “Coins for Christmas” raised a large amount of money which went to underprivileged families at our school. 

The project run by Student Council was a big hit. It was new, unique, and fun! Seeing as 7th, 8th, and 9th graders no longer have any need for stuffed animals, many of you donated yours to the school, and student council delivered them to children who could really use a something to brighten their day. The response Student Council received was great. Even after piling stuffed animals as tall as the Student Council could get them, we still had stuffed animals overflowing out of the bed of a large truck.