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Student Uses Science to Help His Tennis Team

Submitted by david.thacker on Mon, 03/07/2016 - 17:14
by Rillene Nielsen with Travis Moss

One Spanish Fork Junior High tennis player combined his love of tennis and science to create one cool science fair project!  Now that project is working to benefit the SFJH Lobo tennis team.

Bryson Dafoe knows how playing with a flat, low pressure tennis ball can affect your game.  So he came up with a brilliant idea—wouldn’t it be great if the team had a place to store tennis balls that would not only keep them at optimal pressure, but would also re-pressurize balls that were losing their bounce?

After a bit of research he came up with a plan.  Bryson and his dad created two containers (old pressurized soda tanks) that can help keep the tennis balls for our tennis team pressurized. He used this as his science fair project this year, and then donated the containers to the tennis team!

Travis Moss, SFJH Spanish teacher and tennis coach couldn’t be more pleased.  “Tennis balls are expensive!” he explained over lunch today in the faculty room.  “We are so grateful to have such great and creative students and athletes here at Spanish Fork junior high!”