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Teacher of the month - October

Submitted by david.thacker on Mon, 10/24/2011 - 09:36
by: Elaine Peterson

Mrs. Sepos was awarded Faculty Teacher fo the Month for October. This great accomplishment was given to her by her fellow teachers. Here are some the nominations sent in for Mrs. Sepos;

"I would like to nominate Michelle Sepos for Teacher of the Month. Michelle works very hard in helping her students succeed before school, during school (even in between classes as she helps her students get to their inclusion class) and devotes many hours after school on her studnts' behalf." - Mr. Russ LeMmon.

"Michelle Sepos works hard and really has the students interests at heart." - Mrs. Wendy Carron-Campbell.

"Michelle Sepos has been flexible with taking students into her classes, she is always positive and communicates well, she steps in to help with parents, and students and technicians enjoy being in her class." - Mrs. Corrine Drolette.

While interviewing Mrs. Sepos, a reporter from The Lobo Howl learned some interesting things about her. Mrs. Sepos has been teaching for nine years, she says she likes teaching because "I like working with people and teaching them new things." Her favorit food is fresh fruits and veggies, her favorite colors are blue and green. The Help is her favorite movie and she love the Harry Potter series along with J. K. Rowling. A motto of ther is "To learn new things, you have to do things you've never done before." Of all of the jobs she has done, teaching is the most interesting.

Thank you Mrs. Sepos for all of the great work you do for our school and the amazing teaching that you do!