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Teacher of the month - Russ LeMmon

Submitted by david.thacker on Wed, 02/20/2013 - 08:20

Russ LeMmon is our teacher of the month at Spanish Fork Junior High. He has taught social studies for the past 12 years. He currently teaches geography and world civilizations to 9th grade students and Utah Studies to 7th grade students.Mr. LeMmon is a true gentlemen and an outstanding role model for our students.He is great to work with and is willing to help others.
Mrs. Carter nominated Mr. LeMmon by writing: “I always knew the RussLeMmon was a nice guy, but since moving out the B-building I have discovered that he is the greatest hidden treasure this school has. Hidden because he rarely comes out of the B-building, treasure because ofthe positive manner in which he teaches his students. He has the best attendance to Pack-Time of anyone in the school because he truly works hard to help the students who need it and the students trust Russ. The students enjoy his humor and the friendly approach he has with each of them. He feels a moral duty to serve them and care for them and is such an inspiration to me."
Russ is our team leader this year and is doing a wonderful job. No small thing for the only man in the department working with all these old women who have strong opinions about everything. He more than deserves thisrecognition for his effort and caring.”
Congratulations Russ! We are truly fortunate to have you teaching at our school. You truly make Spanish Fork Junior High a great place to be.