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Teacher Spotlight—Mrs. Peterson

Submitted by david.thacker on Tue, 10/25/2011 - 14:37
By Victoria Thomas—Editor-in-Chief

           Do you know Mrs. Peterson? She has been teaching for 15 years.  She started out at SFHS teaching world civilizations and debate, then came here and is now teaching history and public speaking.

           Mrs. Peterson told the Lobo Howl about two of her most embarrassing teaching moments. One was when she gave a student a half eaten box of candy for earning his Eagle Scout Award and another was when an anonymous student gave her a letter signed, “Your Favorite Student,” and she hugged and thanked the wrong student for the note.

Mrs. Peterson gave The Howl some cool facts about herself. Her favorite candies are Twix, Snickers, and any chocolate. She loves the color blue, and her favorite pet is a dog. Her favorite book is Les Miserables and she loves the movie Hoosers. Her first job was picking cherries.

When asked, “What is one thing about students that drives you crazy?” she replied, “Squirmy kids and when kids try to be funny.” Mrs. Peterson’s hero is her mom, and her favorite quote is, “Never suppress a generous thought,” author unknown.

Mrs. Peterson is a great teacher. Take a moment to thank her for all she does. Thanks Mrs. Peterson!