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Thanks, Mr. Christensen!

Submitted by david.thacker on Fri, 05/17/2019 - 07:47
by Taegun Dunn

This year our beloved principal is leaving us to be principal at Spanish Fork High School.  I asked some students how they feel about him. Here are some of the kind words they said. “Mr. Christensen is an all around good guy, he loves kids and is always happy to meet us”, “He is the best principal I've had,” "He always says hi to me,” and “He is really cheerful”.

I asked our principal the following questions and here's what they were.

1: How long have you been principal at SFJHS?

Answer: “I have been a principal at SFJHS for three years!"

2: Do you like being a principal at a Jr High school and what’s your favorite part?

Answer: "I love being a principal and working with kids.”

3: Have you made any changes to the school? If so, what are they?

Answer:  I've made a lot of changes but one of the biggest changes that we made was establishing the Lobo Way.  The Lobo Way has four main core values that we are very proud of and we expect our students to "live the Lobo Way"  The core values are: Strengthen the Pack, Learn to Learn with Passion, Forgive and Accept, Find my Voice.”

Mr. Christensen will really be missed here at the jr. high.  We all look forward to him being our principal at the high school in a few years. Thanks for your support and encouragement. This writer can't wait for you to be my principal again in 2 years!