These Star Students Shine—September’s Students of the Month

By Madeline Stocks—Events Editor

If you haven't noticed already, the system used to choose our Students of the Month has changed.  Each month there is a select few students chosen from each grade to be recognized for their academic improvement, helpfulness, or academic achievements.  Teachers from each department will recommend them.  Mathematics, English, Science, History, the Arts, and PE all have input.

The reason for changing this system is our school simply wanted to recognize more outstanding students.  If you do get the opportunity to be a student of the month, you will be rewarded with a pizza party!

Our students for the month of September are: From seventh grade, Katie Stutz, Collin Walker, Porter Black, Tamsen Argyle, Josh Chingas, Elijah Winn, Hunter Nielsen and Devon Ethington.  From eighth grade, Candice Perry, Katelin Kinghorn, Stetson Smith, Lindsey Olsen, Elise Wilson, Seth Fallon, Lilly Beaman, Cooper Smith and Devin Argyle.  From ninth, Tanner Lasson, Crystal Jairl, Rachel Critchfield, Marissa Gale, Whitney Marshall, Christ Thiemann, Nicole Koyle, Heber Shepherd, Israel Prestwich.

We want to congratulate these students for their exceptional work.