Turkeys Terrorize Spanish Fork Junior High

by Naomi Phillips and Rillene Nielsen picture by Naomi Phillips

A couple of turkeys terrorize the halls of Spanish Fork Jr. High Tuesday, Nov. 20th.  Many students and teachers reported seeing two unusually large specimens roaming the halls and occasionally going into classrooms.

Evidently, this rare species is quite musical, their call often confused as actual human singing. Some students reported hearing what sounded like "I Will Survive" by Gloria Gaynor but with alternative lyrics.  Teachers said these prodigious poultry were singing "Turkey Bird" by Heywood Banks.

Thankfully, Monday morning brought quiet back to the halls of SFJH.  The birds have not raised their long necks in song at all today, nor have they been seen chasing any students.  Classes are back to normal.  We can only hope that these exceptionally tuneful turkeys found shelter, maybe even a home, over the holiday break, and did not end up as dinner last Thursday.