U.S. History Field Trip

By Tori Crane

On March 12, 90 U.S. History Students attended a Naturalization Ceremony in Salt Lake City.  The students received a better understanding of how fortunate they are to live in America and what a great country America is.  Our students witnessed what was the best day of 457 new citizens lives.  Better yet, two of our students, Hailey Hullinger and  Bennett Brinton, were privileged to speak about the rights and responsibilities of citizens and the beauty of America.

After the ceremony, the group traveled to the State Capitol building to eat lunch and take a tour.  They learned about the construction of the building, were permitted to see the governor's office and even learned about where the marble holding the building was from!

Finally, the students went back to school after their long day and went home, never to forget their day in Salt Lake City, and the patriotic feelings they’d had there.