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UVU Field Trip

Submitted by david.thacker on Tue, 04/24/2012 - 14:40
written by Seth Erickson

April 19, 2012- 35 students from Spanish Fork Junior High had the opportunity to go to the new Utah Valley University Science building the day before it was open to the public. This building is 160,000 square feet and has many different classes for students to take in college. The new building has its own uniqueness in architecture throughout the building. There are rooms for students to study in with groups, relax and do homework, and rooms to experiment. These 35 students went through 9 rooms, each a different subject of science and each room showed something cool about the different subjects at UVU.

Some of the rooms at the new UVU Science Building were hands-on experiments where the students greenhouse rooms with glass walls so students are able to study and grow plants. This building is a great way for students to learn about what they love in science and will be a great building to add to UVU. After 10 years of planning and building, this science building will be a great asset for the sciences and future science students that will attend UVU.

The University was very generous to our students. The students were given t-shirts, free ice cream vouchers at the campus and a couple of tickets to the Owls baseball game. They also gave away items at most of the labs that they went to.  Some of the items were DNA kits from the genetics lab and tubes of tooth paste from the dental hygiene lab.

It was a great day and full of enthusiasm about science.