What Do We Do Over Fall Break?

Power Washing
Air Filter Replacements
Cleaning Ink Stains
Prepping For New Pads
New Pads Hung!
Bleacher Cleaning And Repair
Steam Cleaning Carpets

Monday's question to many of you as you return to school may be, "What did you do over the fall break?". I followed the SFJHS custodians and found they do a lot to keep our school clean and running smoothly for our 1,200+ students, faculty, and staff.

Over the break the custodians have powerwashed the perimeter of the building, cleaning spills and trash where many students enjoy their lunch each day. They have stripped and re-waxed damaged floors; cleaned ink from many surfaces; changed air filters for all buildings; taken apart, cleaned, repaired, and re-assembled the bleachers in the gym; replaced protective wall mats in both gyms; and mopped, steam cleaned, and vacuumed floors. 

 A BIG THANK YOU to all of our custodians and sweepers who worked over the break -- Mr. Hansen, Mr. McKee, Wally, Ross, Dustin, Willie, Keaton, Sam, and Aaron-- we have a great school with fantastic people to keep it looking good and working well!