Winners from last weeks math problem, and the new problem of the week


The Subway Wheels Problem

Answer: It would be more cost effective to get the rust-proofing done.  Without the rust-proofing the cost is $17.50 per wheel per year and with the rust-proofing the cost is $16.66 per wheel per year. Winners: Broc Bennett, Dexter Bradford, Tiffany Chan, Phoenix Collins, Porter Hall, Rylan Harrison, Taggert Harrison, David Heap, Peter Heap, Xander Henry, Breanna Hunt, Callie Johnson, Maddy Johnson, Tracee Jones, Noah Lane, Nathan Lawrence, JJ Marsigli, Keven Paladini, Davis Paxton, Morganne Price, and Aspen Seamons.

…And the Pies Have It!!

At the annual junior high school baked goods sale, Mrs. Ramsey sold sixty pies during the six-day sale.  Each day, she sold four more pies than she did on the previous day.  How many pies were sold on the first day?