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Winners from last weeks math problem, and the new problem of the week

Submitted by david.thacker on Wed, 12/30/2015 - 16:16

Probability of a Snow Day

 When the weatherman says the chance of snow in the city is a certain percent, this is a measurement called “Probability of Precipitation.” The “Probability of Precipitation” is the chance of precipitation occurring in any area of the city. The formula for Probability of Precipitation is PoP = C × A, where C is the percent chance precipitation will occur somewhere in the city, expressed as a decimal, and A is the fraction of the city that will receive precipitation.

 The students at Jack Frost Middle School are anxious to know the likelihood they will have a snowday. In order for there to be a snowday more than half of their school district must receive snow. If their school district covers 67% of the city of Chillville and there is 100% chance that it will snow somewhere in the city, what is the minimum PoP for the city of Chillville that guarantees the students will have a snowday? Express your answer to the nearest whole percent.