Working For a Reason: A conversation With Mr. Dave Huff

By Ashlee Johnson—School News Editor

“Kids need to learn to do things for the right reason,” Mr. Huff told The Lobo Howl.  Reporter Ashlee Johnson sat down with Vice Principal Dave Huff to find out what his top concerns were for SFJH students.

“[Students] need to work with their teachers and do the work when it’s given. In junior high, external stuff doesn’t help; you have to do it for yourself,” Mr. Huff explained, “Use your class time doing assignments.”

Mr. Huff asked students to think about these questions:  Why do students try harder when they get paid for A’s?  Wouldn’t they rather feel good about themselves knowing they did all that work and kept up in class all for themselves?  Isn’t that a great enough reward?

His advice?  Students need motivation.  Do homework if your parents want you too, but also do it for yourself. We have a couple days left of 1st term, so get missing work, do extra credit, and do anything you have to do. Giving an extra 10% in effort, it helps a lot more than students honestly think. Setting goals is a great motivation. Work hard and believe in yourself. You can do anything if you put your mind to it.