Your Top 5 Eye Color

By Olivia Christian

If you read The Lobo Howl’s last Top Five story, you would remember that we took a survey of guys’ and girls’ favorite physical feature about the opposite gender.  Since eyes were the favorite feature last time, we used that as the starting point for this issue’s question:  “What is your favorite eye color?”  We surveyed ten boys and ten girls and recorded their answers.

If you had been asked what would you have answered?  We here at The Howl were blown away by the answers. For the girls, it was blue. Half of the girls surveyed answered blue. The rest were as follows: dark brown, green, and multi-colored.

For the guys, six agree on blue. That’s more than half! The rest were as follows: Hazel and green. Not even a brown eye in sight. One thing a boy said was, “[Blue] is the most beautiful.”

The one thing we found in common between all the answers was that each person surveyed was thinking of another certain person, and it was usually their “crush”.

You might be someone’s crush and your eyes might be their favorite. So once again keep all your beautiful eyes sparkling and lovely.