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Zombie Haiku Contest Winners 2013

Submitted by david.thacker on Thu, 10/31/2013 - 09:45

7th Grade:
1st Place: Chandler Creamer
2nd Place: Jake Hanks
3rd Place: Andrew Wilkins
Honorable Mention: Luke Raven, Madison Williams

8th Grade:
1st Place: Shelby Shepherd
2nd Place: Nic Rosenbaum
3rd Place: Devin Berns

9th Grade:
1st Place: Karson Jensen
2nd Place: Hailey Hullinger
3rd Place: Thomas Stephens

1st Place: Mrs. Kay
2nd Place: Mr. Ferrin
3rd Place: Mr. Thacker
Honorable Mention: Mrs. Thompson, Mrs. Nielsen

Winning Haiku:
Zombie kids at school
Brains for lunch and guts for brunch
Hands for after school

Zombie wants a hug
But when zombie gives a hug
More than love is shared

Zombies everywhere,
That one, right there, looks like Mom.
Oh yeah…where is she?

Blood, mutilated, flesh
Human-like, but distorted
Limping, fleshless, dead

Depressed filthy smell
Cause blood to shiver and shake
Deep in ice cold veins

Pet zombies are fun.
I have one named Samantha.
She ate my sister.

Zombies eat your brain.
They like big and smart ones best.
Don’t listen at school.

 World’s population
Zombies: 1 billion and three
living humans: me

The dawn of the dead
was terrifically closer
They will come for you!

ooey, gooey flesh
Aimless, slow, stomping, dead feet
I’ve seen a zombie!

as they flood the streets
zombies hunger for your brain
even though they rot.

 Entombed in the vault
Caged within the cryptic black
hungry evermore

Zombie math Teachers
like to pick their students’ brains
reaching for their heart.

Zombies want your brains
To quench their undead hunger
Stress not 7th grade
Brains with a measure
Of smarts tastes better than those
Which get little use

zombies need to eat
but don’t like Café Rio
the undead crave brains

“Organ donations?”
plead panhandling zombies
near busy ERs