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Zombie Haiku Winners 2016

Submitted by david.thacker on Mon, 10/31/2016 - 12:56

7th Grade:

1st Place: Halle Smith

2nd Place: Meridee Nordstrom

3rd Place: Paisley Payne

8th Grade:

1st Place: Kayla Clark

2nd Place: Tyson Terry

3rd Place: Cade Campbell

9th Grade:

1st Place: Caitlyn Irwin

2nd Place: Colton Ricks

3rd Place: Sadie Starkey


1st Place: Mrs. Nielsen

2nd Place: Mr. Thacker

3rd Place: Mrs. Thompson


Trick or Treat at night

I see a zombie costume

Mask does not come off


Skin, like rotting fruit…

The nasty stench of roadkill.

The undead are near!


My friend’s a zombie

We skip, run, and play all day

But that didn’t last


Running for my life

Zombie walking behind me.

Oh, wait! It’s walking.


Sunk, dark eyes gleaming,

Innocent victims screaming,

The nightmare has come


Hand breaks the surface

Of the old encrusted ground

The party begins


Gnashing, clawing, foul

Fiends mean zombies are always

The most nasty things.


Zombies crawl in dark

They stalk you in the night time

Watch your back tonight


Ancient revenant

Unearthed beneath gloomy skies

Vengeance will be thine


“Ode to MJ”

Thriller was my first

Exposure to undead dance;

Zombies sure can groove.


Blood! Guts! Gore! And Brains!

That’s what is on the menu

At Zombies’ Buffet.


“Zombie Teachers Prefer…”

Sevie brains taste best.

Succulent, sweet—few hormones!

Easy to digest.